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Dear Mountain River Family,

With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I write to you today. Yesterday, I received a call that Tony Becker, our dedicated Adult Ministry Director of 14 years, had gone for a hike on Mount Herman and was four hours late returning home. The family, along with friends and Search and Rescue, initiated a search, and it wasn’t long before a drone spotted Tony in a field not far from the search area.

It pains me to share that Tony experienced a medical event that claimed his life yesterday evening. We are awaiting the autopsy results for more insights into the cause of his passing. The days ahead are uncertain, and we are navigating through them moment by moment.

Please keep Annette and the girls in your thoughts and prayers. As we receive more details, we will share them with you. In times like these, we will find strength together. Tony believed in the goodness of God, and we can, too.

We’ll face the unknown tomorrow, relying on each other for support. God is Good. Tony knew it, and you can too.

With love,
Pastor Mike